Our work is not easy.

Brainstorming brand strategies till the wee hours of the morning, meeting multiple deadlines during your sick leave, and picking up urgent work calls at ungodly hours is not new to us. This is what it takes to make campaigns that are not only stunningly beautiful but incredibly effective. It is our belief in the magic of our team and what we do that drives us forward.

To many, this might seem impossible.

But those who dare to Take on The Impossible, are those worthy of an Effie.

The EFFIES is ‘the’ premier award in the marketing and communication industry; recognising effective marketing campaigns since 1968 and hosting nationally in over 4 different continents. The mission of naming the best campaigns amongst us is shared by the 4As in promoting commercial creativity and its effectiveness.

This year, we want to celebrate you and the impossible you pull off every single day. It is your ideas that shape the way we experience the world today; be it in the brands you revive, in the competitors you fight and in the behaviours you influence with effective campaigns that produce the desired results without compromising on creativity and originality.

The categories remain as in 2017 and so will the two rounds of judging and local recognition awards - Brand of the Year and Agency of the Year.

Each win at the Malaysia EFFIE Awards contributes score points to the Global Effie Index that ranks the creators of the most effective marketing communication campaigns globally.

We look forward to your entries and are excited to honour outstanding marketing ideas for 2018.

Impossible has nothing on you.

Best of luck!

Yours sincerely,
Kenny Loh
Organizing Chairman
Malaysia Effie Awards 2018