There’s an unspoken consensus within the industry, that data and creativity are complete opposites.

Data is rational. Creativity is irrational.

Data is knowledge, Creativity is a product of the imagination.

Data is certainty. Creativity is not.

It’s just not easy to find the intersection between both data and creativity, but when it comes together, it’s that incredible feeling of “that’s the one” that shakes you to the core, an idea you can relate strongly to, the campaign you can’t wait to tell your mom about.

When science and magic comes together, the work becomes effective - and those are the work that are worthy of an Effie.

The EFFIES is the “premier” award in the marketing and communication industry, recognising effective marketing companies that bring together science and magic brilliantly since 1968 and hosting nationally in over 4 different continents. The mission of naming the best campaigns amongst us is showed by the 4As in promoting commercial creativity and its effectiveness.

This year is the perfect time to amaze us with your work. Show us how you bring science and magic together with a masterful touch to create the most effective campaign.